A Know-How guide to fix the “hp printer, not printing” error

It is a very common issue that the printer won’t printer and this is the issue that can result from various reasons, from the issues in connectivity issues to faulty configurations or the drivers. This is the issue that can result from various reasons from connectivity issues to faulty configuration or the drivers. If you are facing issues then we have methods to fix the hp printer, not a printing error. Through this article, you will get the solutions for the error to be fixed, so let get started!

Why is my hp printer not printing black ink?

There can be a lot of issues such as clogged ink or old cartridges that can cause the hp printer not printing error. Such errors can be clogged ink or old cartridges which may cause the printer not to print black. You just need to check for both the possibilities and to remove the cartridges and then clean them with the soft towel along with the print track. This will easily fix the issues such as the hp printer, not printing.

Why hp is the wireless printer not printing colors correctly?

There can be different issues when you face an hp printer not printing error; here is the list of common reasons for this issue:

  • Missing or outdated drivers.
  • Faulty connections.
  • Bad configurations in Windows.
  • Paper jamming issues.

What are the basic methods for the HP printer troubleshooting process?

There are certain methods that will help you to fix the hp printer not printing error, here are the basic methods listed below:

  1. Perform the basic troubleshooting steps: When you have found out that the hp printer not printing then this is the first and foremost thing that you should do. You need to check the status of the connection between the printer and the computer and make sure your devices are connected properly and are stable. You can also try to restart the HP printer
  2. Update or reinstall the printer driver: There are many cases, in which the hp printers, not printing issues are very much common due to the fault drivers. You just need to update or reinstall the printer driver in order to fix the HP printer, not printing issues.
  3. Set your printer as a default printer: The moment you are trying to print something your computer will automatically assign these printing tasks to the default printer unless you choose another one on purpose. So if the hp printer not printing error pops up on the screen then select the correct option to set the printer as a default printer.
  4. Cancel all the print jobs: It is another possible cause of the HP printer, not printing issue that the printing jobs are in the queue. The print queue contains the failed printing jobs that can easily stop functioning normally and that lead to such printing issues. You can clear all the clogged printing jobs that are stuck in the queue. For this, you need to open the “Devices and Printers” option in the Control panel and just right tap on the HP printer in the Printers section. After this, you have to select the “See what’s printing” tab. Now, you have to open the printer menu and then select the “Open as Administrator” option. Just confirm the action and you have canceled all the print jobs of the printer. You have to check and see if the printer is running normally.
  5. You need to check the printer status: If you have tried the methods above and hp printer not printing error still occurs, then you need to ensure the HP printer has enough paper, ink, or toner and it is not stuck on the paper jam. Also, you need to check if there are hardware issues or not.

To conclude:

By the end of this topic, we hope that you are now clear about the set of instructions to fix the hp printer, not a printing error. However, if you are stuck in between the steps or you have queries related to other issues such as the HP printer not responding to the print command, then you are recommended to visit the official website and get assistance for the same. You can also download the HP Printer Assistant or hp print and scan doctor driver from the official website. On the website, you will get assistance from technical experts and professionals.

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