How to fix HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam?

The fake paper jam error is one of the most difficult things to tackle if this continuously pops up on your screen without any known reason and this disrupts the whole printing function. One of the major causes behind this error is the actual paper jam issue that you might not be able to figure out. To fix the HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam issue, we have described some tried and tested solutions that would eventually help you get back to completing your printing assignment.

HP printer paper jam error

This article will clearly highlight all the possible causes behind this issue along with the remedies to get rid of this error at an instant speed.

What causes HP printer false paper jam error

We shall have a look at the major reasons one-by-one why you are eventually coming up with this error even if there are no bits of paper stuck in your printer. Here are some of the reasons:

  • When you feed the incorrectly sized paper in the paper tray, then you will definitely encounter this error
  • Suppose, the paper loading capacity of your printer is 100 and you load the paper more than its capacity, it will result in the HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam issue
  • When you do not position the papers at their correct place, the error is sure to pop up on your screen
  • The presence of dust particles inside your printer is another major cause of this issue. This happens when you do not clean your device on a regular basis

Now that we know some of the factors responsible for this error, therefore, let us now proceed with the solutions that will eventually help us to resolve the HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam problem.

Tactics to fix HP printer false paper jam error

When a user is not able to print using his printing machine, he would also face issues while using other HP services such as HP Printer Assistant. Therefore, tackling this issue without much delay is the necessity to get back to printing:

  1. Inspect the jammed paper

You must thoroughly check your printing machine to look for any bits of paper stuck inside your printer. Begin with lifting the front cover of your printer and then continue with the rest of the parts.

  1. Inspect the paper feeder/input tray

Before you move on to any other solution, make sure that you check the paper jamming issue in the input tray. To do so, perform the steps listed below:

  • Power on your HP Printer and remove the cord while it is turned on
  • Now, navigate to the input tray and pull out the paper from the tray
  • Carefully inspect the bits of paper and dust particles inside the paper tray
  • After this, you need to set back the printer to its original
  • Now, re-plug the power cord and power on your printer
  1. Clean the paper feed rollers

As it might be clear to you, paper feed rollers are one of those parts of the printer where a tiny bit of paper could get stuck easily. To fix the paper jams issue, follow these quick steps:

  • Power off your printer and disconnect the power cord
  • Now, raise the input tray to finally open it
  • Locate the paper pick rollers
  • After this, clean it thoroughly using a damp cloth
  • Dry the rollers or let them dry completely
  • Furthermore, you need to reconnect the power cord
  • Turn on your printer and see if it helps

This would definitely fix the HP printer paper jam error but no paper jam issue on your printing device.


If you are still stuck in this problem and looking for a way out of it, then the last thing you can do is either reset your printer or try to use HP Scan Doctor to fix any scanning or printing issue with your printer. Else, check the printer entirely to inspect any actual paper jamming issue.

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