Guide to HP Printer print jobs stuck in queue

Hewlett Packard (or HP) is a unique and premium brand when it comes to manufacturing tech-savvy devices like laptops, printers, tons of other work-performance improving devices. HP specializes in imaging devices that simply enhance the image experiences with hi-tech printers, scanners, and so much more. Here, in this read, we’ll be talking about the HP Printers that have successfully conquered the overseas market and continue with their global reputation. However, we’ll be focusing on a frequent issue that users have been facing and reporting to get fixed- HP Printer printer jobs stuck in the queue. Reading on you’d get to understand the conditions when print jobs sent to the printers do not get processed and printed. Additionally, you’d also learn about printer management software that helps in maintaining the performance of the printer. So, let’s get on the journey to enhance your HP Printer experience.

HP Printer print jobs stuck in queue

The issue- HP Printer documents in the queue but won’t print

Whenever users face the “HP Printer printer jobs stuck in queue” issue, the reason behind it can be more than you can imagine. However, there are two frequent reasons- either the document you want to print is corrupted or there’s a problem with the printer (such as outdated printer drivers, cartridge jams, print speed interruptions, and the like). This could cause all the print jobs behind it to stop in a queue and affect your print experience.

HP printer stuck in queue Windows 10

One of the basic reasons for encountering the “HP Printer printer jobs stuck in queue” is some trouble with the Print Spooler, which is an in-built software added to the operating system for Windows devices. It helps in storing all the print jobs in the computer’s memory (temporarily), just until the printer is print-ready. When you face any issue with print jobs getting stopped in the queue, you might have to stop and/or restart the entire system. You should know that the prints cannot be taken forward from a computer as the jobs sent seems to be stuck in the Windows queue of prints. Neither there is a way that you can cancel or delete the ongoing procedure nor can you go on to further prints. Here’s how you can fix this common issue on devices that operate on Windows 10:

  • Begin with finding the HP Printer’s IP Address in the Port Settings for Windows.
  • Delete all the print job files that you sent to the printer and restart your spooler.
  • Restart the print process and check if there are any latest printer drivers required.
  • Try and check if the printer has been paused or it simply went offline.
  • Temporarily go on to change the settings on your Firewall to “Disabled”.
  • Log in with any other Windows account to check the existence of the issue.
  • Use any of the available “System File Checker” to get rid of the issue.
  • If the issue still isn’t resolved, go on to connecting with HP customer service.

HP software solutions for a better experience

There is two specific software that HP crafted for enhancing the user experience, and again, there are two reasons for it- one, is to employ the best technology advancements as and when it gets introduced to the world, and two, enhancing the user experience, which has always been the focus of the brand. Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be telling you about the Support and the Printer assistant that is exclusively developed by HP:

  • HP Support Assistant consists of high-end diagnostic tools and utilities that help in optimizing the performance of a computer and contributes a large share in resolving the issues faced.
  • Another software we’d like to talk about is the HP Printer Assistant. It’s a unique printer management software with which you can efficiently scan all your documents and images, order supplies as and when needed, keep an eye on the ink levels and so much more.

Whenever you’re facing an issue with a smooth print experience, these are the two software that you should go to as and when they occur. And if the troubles still do not go away, do not hesitate to get in touch with customer support.


The detailed read above has been focused on familiarizing you with a very common issue that HP users have reported- “HP Printer printer jobs stuck in queue”. You’ll get the idea of what causes these problems and along with an easy way out of the problem with suggested methods, and the use of the suggested HP solution software. There can be a ton of reasons for this issue, but it always comes with a perfect solution attached to it because that’s what HP does.

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